OPTION 1: THROUGH THE CLOUD (Android to Android - iOS to iOS)
The management of accounts synchronized with Google Play Games or iOS GameCenter is done automatically through these services, ie the user does not have to access your profile to manage it manually.

This means that in order to synchronize your progress to a new device, you will simply have to log in to Google Play Games or iOS GameCenter on the new device with the same account that you were saving your progress in the cloud on the old device. It's that simple.

Note: This only applies to moving games from Android to Android or from iOS to iOS, currently it is not possible to move your game between devices on different operating systems due to compatibility issues.

Linking your Facebook and Halfbrick profiles is a great way to prevent data loss. It also allows you to transfer your progress between devices and across supported platforms (iOS and Android only).
  • Open Dan the Man on the device where your primary account is located
  • Press the Configuration button
  • Select 'Connect with Facebook' and follow the prompts
That's it! Now whenever you sign in with the same Facebook account you should be able to access your progress on the device of your choosing.