Where are Headstarts located?
Headstarts and Super Headstarts have been incorporated into the core gameplay loop which means they now appear at the start of each run.
How do I get more Headstarts?
There are two ways to acquire more Headstarts:
  1. By consuming coins at the start of a run.
  2. By winning free Headstarts through the slot machine or daily rewards system.
How do I activate a Headstart?
Headstarts can be activated at the beginning of a run . You have a few seconds to do so before the prompt disappears.
Can I still use coins to purchase Headstarts?
Yes! You can use coins to purchase Headstarts and Super Headstarts at the beginning of each run.
Is it possible to hoard or stock up on Headstarts?
No. Any Headstarts purchased at the start of a run will be activated immediately.
What happened to the bundles?
These items are no longer available for purchase.
I can't purchase more Headstarts. What's wrong?
You will not be able to purchase additional Headstarts if the following criteria applies:
  1. You do not have enough coins
  2. You already have Headstarts in your inventory