How do I unlock S.A.M. and how often is it available?

S.A.M. is an acronym for the Strong Arm Machine.

SAM was created by a lonely scientist who was envious of all of the high-fiving going on at Legitimate Research.
He is activated by collecting the floating S, A, and M tokens that appear once a day during normal gameplay.
You can activate and use SAM once every 24 hours. Doing so will also unlock special rewards to use in the game!
You can also watch an ad to activate SAM during a run, but this one will not count towards the special rewards.

How do I disable S.A.M Notifications?

Please follow the steps below to disable the S.A.M notifications.
1. Navigate to the shop
2. Tap on 'my profile'
3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on 'S.A.M Push Notifications'.
4. Toggle them off from here by clicking on the 'ON' button - it will then say 'OFF'.
Note: There is currently a bug when you first tap on 'S.A.M Push Notifications' - this will scroll you back up. Please scroll down again to turn them off.