What are Power-ups?

When seized, Power-Ups bestow special benefits, granting a considerable advantage in extending the distance covered during the run. They don't appear while using a vehicle, ensuring an undisturbed pursuit of excitement. 

These enhancements appear in classic mode and events, remaining active and non-deactivatable, infusing your gameplay with boundless thrills.

How many Power-Ups are currently available in the game?

There are currently four Power-Ups in Jetpack Joyride:

  1. Cash Dash: Spawns coin trails, nullifying obstacles temporarily.
  2. Boost: Grants speed and invincibility; distance increases with upgrades.
  3. Shield: High-tech force field protecting from zappers, lasers, and missiles.
  4. Rocket Time: Enables dodging missiles in slow motion, offering high risk and high reward.

How to activate Power-Ups?

Look for the floating tokens which appear in the middle of a run. Collecting a power-up token will automatically trigger the power-up and its effect will be applied immediately. Simple!

How to upgrade Power-Ups?

  • Open Jetpack Joyride
  • Tap on the Power-ups button
  • Find your power-up of choice and select “Upgrade”

Are there any new Power-Ups on the way?

Yes! Two new exciting Power-Ups are under development, so stay tuned for more updates!