What are vehicles in the game?

Vehicles in the game are different modes of transportation that provide players with a unique control scheme when obtained through Vehicle Pickups.

By default, players are equipped with six vehicles in the game:

  • The Bad As Hog.
  • The Crazy Freaking Teleporter.
  • The Gravity Suit.
  • The Lil' Stomper.
  • Mr. Cuddles.
  • The Profit Bird.

Each vehicle possesses unique features and abilities, offering players a diverse range of options to choose from and enhancing their overall gameplay experience.

How to pick up vehicles in the game?

Vehicle Pickups are rainbow coloured boxes with gears on them. When they are picked up, they give you any of the vehicles in the game, excluding S.A.M.

How can I upgrade my vehicles?

There are three ways to upgrade your vehicles: Magnetisation, Gold Plating, and Special Skins.

What does Magnetisation do?

Magnetisation is an upgrade that gives your vehicle the ability to attract coins while you're using it.

What does Gold Plating do?

Gold Plating is an upgrade that changes the appearance of your vehicle, giving it a shiny and sparkling golden texture.

How can i obtain Special Skins?

Special Skins are unique skins that can be obtained during specific events, for a limited time, or as in-app purchases.

How can I unlock the Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.)?

The Strong Arm Machine, or S.A.M. for short, can be unlocked by collecting three S.A.M. tokens. You can collect all the tokens in a single run or across three different runs.

You can activate and use SAM once every 24 hours. Doing so will also unlock special rewards to use in the game!  You can also watch an ad to activate SAM during a run, but this one will not count towards the special rewards.

Are there any special rewards for using S.A.M.?

Yes, by using S.A.M. for five consecutive days, you can unlock special S.A.M. Prizes.

Can I activate S.A.M. during a run by watching an ad?

Yes, you have the option to watch an ad to activate S.A.M. during a run. However, using S.A.M. in this way will not count towards the special rewards.

What happens if I have Flash with me when I pick up a vehicle?

If you have Flash with you, he can join in on the fun. He may either get accessories similar to the vehicle pickup or he'll simply hop in/on the vehicle with Barry.