If you had previously had a profile with us via Facebook (iOS or Android) or Google (Android Only) you can restore it now.

Please note that this will restore your old data to the last point it was saved at. So any new progress will be lost.

We can restore any in-app purchases made since then. We will just need a copy of your receipts to do that please. Please let us know if you need those restored and we will give you further instructions.

To restore this data, please do the following steps:
1. Uninstall the current game
2. Install the game again from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore
3. You will be prompted to select a profile, sign into Google or sign into Facebook. If you had any previously saved data with us, these profiles should show that.
4. Choose which profile you'd like to use from this point on
5. Contact us in-game if you need in-app purchases restored once that has been done.

We appreciate your patience over the last few weeks.