Where are Quick Revives located?
Quick Revives are now located at the end of a run whenever you die.

How do I get more Quick Revives?
There are three ways to acquire Quick Revives:
1) By spending coins at the end of a run
2) By watching a sponsored video at the end of a run
3) By winning free Quick Revives through the slot machine or daily rewards system

How do I activate a Quick Revive?
Quick Revives can be activated at the end of a run (after death). You have approximately five seconds to do so.

Can I still use coins to purchase Quick Revives?
Yes! You can use coins to purchase Quick Revives at the end of a run.

Is it possible to hoard or stock up on Quick Revives?
No. Any Quick Revives purchased at the end of a run will be activated immediately.

How many Quick Revives can I use in a single run?
You can use up to nine Quick Revives per run. The cost of each Quick Revive increases with each use but resets when you start a new game.

What happened to the Quick Revive bundle?
This item is no longer available for purchase.

I can't purchase more Quick Revives. What's wrong?
You will not be able to purchase additional Quick Revives if the following criteria applies:
1) You do not have enough coins
2) You already have Quick Revives in your inventory