Data storage on iOS devices

Jetpack Joyride saves your game progress using iCloud, ensuring that your in-game achievements, levels completed, and items purchased are securely stored. This allows for a seamless gaming experience across all your iOS devices when logged into the same iCloud account. Always use the same iCloud account on all your iOS devices to ensure your game progress is synced across them.

Additionally, Game Center is used to track achievements and leaderboards. While it does not save game progress, ensure you're logged into Game Center to keep your achievements up-to-date across devices.

Data storage on Android devices

For Android users, Jetpack Joyride utilizes Google Play Games to save your game progress, achievements, and more in the cloud. This integration allows for a seamless gaming experience across any of your Android devices.

It not only saves your progress but also tracks your achievements, making it easy to pick up your gaming experience on any device.