Data transfer on iOS devices

Transferring your Jetpack Joyride game progress between iOS devices is facilitated by iCloud, ensuring a smooth transition. Steps:

  1. Before switching devices, make sure your game progress is backed up to iCloud.

  2. When setting up your new iOS device, choose to restore from an iCloud backup that includes your Jetpack Joyride progress.

Data transfer on android devices

Google Play Games simplifies the process of transferring your Jetpack Joyride game progress from one Android device to another. Steps:

  1. Ensure Google Play Games is configured to automatically sign in and sync your game progress.

  2. On your new Android device, sign in with the same Google account and install Jetpack Joyride. Your progress should automatically sync through Google Play Games.

Data transfer across platforms 

We recognize the desire to transfer Jetpack Joyride progress between iOS and Android. Unfortunately, platform constraints prevent direct game data transfer.

However, we're ready to restore any real money purchases upon verifying account ownership and transaction authenticity, for which proof of purchase may be required.