Here are some basic troubleshooting steps to get your sound working again on most devices:

  1. Make sure your device's "mute" switch is in the correct position. On Android, make sure it's off silent.
  2. Press the + volume button on your device to ensure the volume is turned all the way up.
  3. Ensure your device is not muted by opening at least three other apps and listening for audio. Please note that certain apps like YouTube will play audio even if your device is muted. Testing a selection of different apps is always a good idea.
  4. Return to the game.
  5. Select the Settings fruit from the main menu.
  6. Tap the music and sfx icons to toggle the game's music and sound effects. If there is an "x" next to them they will not play.

If you still experience any issues, please reach out to us through the "Help & Support" button in game and we'll investigate further.