Let's dive into the details of the Randomizer:

The "Randomizer" is unlocked at rank 2 and accessed from the main menu. It offers a selection of 14 different boosts to power-up your descent down the mountains. It's like a lucky draw – it randomly picks from those 14 boosts we mentioned earlier. Here's how it works: 

  • Achieve 3 wins in a row, and you'll get an extra boost each time. 
  • It springs back into action once you've completed the last 3 runs.
  • Your first roll? It's a little gift from us. And here's a secret – when you pair it up with the Daily Spin, you've got 2 free spins to enjoy.
  • Feeling like rolling again? It'll cost you 100 coins. And if you're interested in Auto Roll, you can switch it on or off. Just remember – it all depends on the coins. Auto Roll only activates when you have enough.
  • Want to know more about a specific boost? Simply tap on it on the randomizer board, and you'll get all the details.
  • Hold on, there's more – a Daily Spin is available every 24 hours. And if you're running low on boosts, don't worry – the timer will let you know when the next spin is coming up.
  • Quick reminder – that first roll we talked about? It's on the house. And when you team it up with the Daily Spin, you'll have 2 free spins to enjoy once you've unlocked the feature.