To successfully complete a level, you must defeat all the zombies within that level. The ultimate objective is to clear out every last undead creature that crosses your path.

At the top of the screen you'll find a bar to help you track your progress in defeating the zombie horde. This bar indicates how far you are from completing the level by defeating all the zombies. As you eliminate more zombies, the progress bar gradually decreases, bringing you closer to victory.

You'll also find indicators displayed on the screen to guide you in anticipating the zombie onslaught. These will point in the direction from which zombies will be approaching that are not currently shown on the screen, helping you strategize and prepare for the incoming zombie waves.


By indicating the direction of zombie spawns it'll help you plan your positioning and movement to intercept the zombies. Position yourself strategically to gain an advantage and fend off the horde effectively. They also give you an idea of how many zombies are currently in the area. By observing the indicators you can gauge the intensity of the upcoming battle and adjust your tactics accordingly.

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