There's a bunch of weapons to help you combat the zombie horde; primary and secondary weapons.

The primary weapons are your main firepower used to defeat the zombies while the secondary weapons are non-gun weapons that provides you an additional advantage.

At the top left corner of the screen you can find which primary weapon you're holding. The primary weapon will have its own ammo count, allowing you to monitor your remaining firepower. 

When you acquire a secondary weapon, a button will appear above the right joystick. 

You can only carry one primary weapon and one secondary weapon at a time. When you collect a new weapon while already holding one, the newly collected weapon will replace the previous one.

Primary Weapons

There are 8 primary weapons!

  • Shotgun: Unleash devastating close-range firepower with this powerful shotgun.
  • SMG: Spray bullets with high speed and precision using the Submachine Gun.
  • Sniper: Take down enemies from a distance with deadly accuracy using the Sniper rifle.
  • Flamethrower: Engulf your foes in a torrent of flames with the devastating Flamethrower.

Secondary Weapons

There are also 8 secondary weapons!

  • Grenade: Toss explosive grenades to deal area damage and clear out groups of zombies.
  • Sentry: Deploy a deadly automated turret that shoots down approaching undead enemies.

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