Collect Weapons

Weapons can be found inside crates scattered throughout the game. When you locate a crate, walk towards it, and it will open, granting you access to the content inside. 

Inside the crates, you can discover two different types of weapons: primary and secondary (as well as power-ups).

Primary weapons are your main firepower, while secondary weapons provides an additional advantage. If you collect a new primary or secondary weapon while already armed with one, the newly collected weapon will replace the previous one.

Use Weapons

To utilize your primary weapon, tap, hold and move the right joystick (bottom right corner). The direction you move the joystick determines where you shoot. 


The secondary weapon can be activated by tapping the button located at the top of the right joystick. Simply tap this button to unleash the unique abilities and advantages of your secondary weapon. Hold the left joystick in the direction you want to move Barry, this will also be the direction you throw your secondary weapon.


You can easily monitor your remaining ammo.

Ammo count for primary weapons will be displayed at the top left of the screen. 

For secondary weapons, the ammo count can be found within the button located at the top of the right joystick.